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في مسيرتي المهنية في الشركة ، بدا تحديد النجاح بسيطًا للغاية.
Another step up the career ladder. A salary increase. More people reporting to me. A place in the board.

أكثر من عقدين من صناعة المجوهرات الدقيقة تحت سقف واحد ...signature

لكن بينما يبدو أنني أبلي بلاءً حسنًا ، فإن تقدمي المهني لم يجعلني سعيدًا. كنت أفقد الاتصال بهويتي الذاتية. أنا فقط تظاهرت بأنني سعيد ، مع ابتسامة مرسومة على وجهي.

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Leaving my job initially felt like a failure. Why did I give up on my ambitions?
But leaving my job was one of the best decisions I have ever made because it helped me to discover what success means to me.
So I decided to work for my father, who has already an antique, poetry, and carpets shop since 1965. One day I told him that I want to do my own handcrafted jewelry, so he helped to achieve my goal. Now my product is unique and certified, I only make 1 piece of every product. All my customers were happy about my product and they encourage me to have a site and be selling on social media so everyone can know me.
Feeling at peace with myself and excited by my work may seem a modest form of success, but it’s huge for me.

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