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Dans ma carrière en entreprise, définir le succès m'a semblé assez simple.
Another step up the career ladder. A salary increase. More people reporting to me. A place in the board.

Plus de deux décennies de fabrication de bijoux de précision sous un même toit…signature

Mais même si je semblais bien aller, mes progrès dans ma carrière ne m'ont pas rendu heureux. Je perdais la connexion avec mon identité personnelle. J'ai simplement fait semblant d'être heureux, avec un sourire peint sur mon visage.

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Leaving my job initially felt like a failure. Why did I give up on my ambitions?
But leaving my job was one of the best decisions I have ever made because it helped me to discover what success means to me.
So I decided to work for my father, who has already an antique, poetry, and carpets shop since 1965. One day I told him that I want to do my own handcrafted jewelry, so he helped to achieve my goal. Now my product is unique and certified, I only make 1 piece of every product. All my customers were happy about my product and they encourage me to have a site and be selling on social media so everyone can know me.
Feeling at peace with myself and excited by my work may seem a modest form of success, but it’s huge for me.

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